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The benefits of a personal Netsso - thousands of fast-access web links, direct online file links, encryption, secure sharing, etc., are also offered to groups, in a "Netsso Groups".. It is a simple, easy, multi-functional collaboration workspace which any Netsso member can set up, in 3 seconds, by clicking in his Admin menu.

Each member of a Group must be a Netsso member first. He can then be invited to join the workspace for teams set up by the other member, usually for a specific project or purpose, and share the upload, download of links and documents and various administrative tasks within the workspace - opening new desktops, reordering links, sharing with other teams, etc- subject to the permissions given to him by the founding manager of the particular Group.

Netsso's collaboration workspaces are always coloured green, to distinguish them on your computer desktop from the regular workspace, your private blue Netsso.
The Joint Netsso we demonstrate is that set up by an Irish food exporter, wishing to plan the export marketing of its products in the US market and who needed an online workspace where the marketing team could collaborate, as most of them were frequently out of the office. The Group set up shows separate desktops- each comfortably capable of holding up to 100 links- for Food Standards aspects, Promotional plans, Competitors and Distribution options. The Distributors desktop shows web data about some leading options in various parts of the market, market research reports obtained by the export manager, market visit reports and results of discussions with potential customers. Some of the links refer to reports which have been uploaded to the team's Dropbox and linked to the Netsso Group.
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A notable feature is Chat. A chat channel can be set up by any member, to discuss any topic. It is always end-to-end encrypted. The originating member invites others to join the particular chat channel and when they accept, each will find a quick link to the Chat at the side of his personal Netsso. It could not be more simple..No login credentials (passwords) are required to access a chat in which you are already a member. Just that click. Yet, chats are always encrypted.
Netsso Groups can also have their own accounts with online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. (Read about these under the NFEM section of our Home page). Netsso's interface to these services is available under the Online Files top menu. Any member of the collaboration team can upload or download - given permission - any document to/from the online store. These documents can be encrypted also, just by clicking a checkbox before upload. They decrypt transparently when downloaded to the Group by a team member
Albums for more permissions
Sometimes a workspace for teams should not have to treat all team members exactly equally! Sometimes certain types of data or access permissions should be reserved for some types of team members. Netsso Group can provide this also, by using the Albums, which hold bunches of desktops. (See the top image here). One or more Albums can be reserved for such purposes, holding different desktops and links. The result is a very sophisticated permissions structure in Netsso Groups.
For WHO?
The Netsso Group collaboration workspace promotes focus in the team working together and can often stimulate creativity. A teacher and her class working on a joint research/ study project in a Group will notice how motivated the students are and how much they gain understanding from each other. New perspectives can be achieved and even "new knowledge". (In principal such knowledge can be traded with other teachers-students-knowledge). Lawyers and accountants and their clients can find Netsso Groups very useful for document exchange and discussion. Businesses dispersing documents - especially confidential documents - to multi locations can benefit from these Netsso Groups. Dermatologists and other doctors could share images and discuss cases, in confidence. There are applications everywhere ! We recommend that you have a look yourself!
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