Netsso Telecryptor

Netsso Telecryptor is an encryption programme which sits on your local computer and provides encryption and related functions for files there, via the (right-click) context menu. It also connects to Netsso's SOFM to enable encrypted files stored in major online file stores to be managed from any computer and some other devices. Files encrypted in Telecryptor locally can be decrypted/opened elsewhere via SOFM, and vice versa.

Currently, Netsso Telecryptor is available for all Windows platform beginning with Windows XP, including 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Also a restricted version is available for Android 4.4 or higher.

To install the Netsso Telecryptor for Windows click Download to save file on disk and then RUN the saved file.

To install the Netsso Telecryptor for Android click link to Telecryptor on Google Play and then follow on-screen instructions.

After installation Telecryptor icon appears in the list of Android applications. You can drag this icon on Android screens.