Collaboration Groups

Collaboration involves clicking to set up a Group, inviting other members and then using all personal Netsso functions (plus encrypted Chat) on a group basis.

Any members form a secure collaboration place


Any member can click to set up a private by-invitation only Group for any purpose and then he becomes its manager, awarding permissions, etc to invited members and editing the group blog. The Group, which is a full Netsso persona operated by its members, performs all usual Netsso functions and, in addition, shares end-to-end encrypted chat which members can set up as needed.

Just Name a new group, then invite colleagues, friends
A group combines  all personal Netsso functions +encrypted chat

Collaboration Groups can be set up by any members to seek and share knowledge, manage projects , refine plans, or for medical, financial, legal consultation, and many other reasons. There is no current limit to the number of groups a member can establish or participate in. A Group works very well for even two very frequent correspondents!


The Netsso structure, comprising desktops, collections, Notes and chats naturally divides communications into many (and any) different topics. Members can direct discussion comments to the correct point, very accurately, using the chats (for short messages) and the unique discussion aspect of Netssos Notes for iterative conversations. All relevant notes and links to web-based data, including files held on line in major storages, can be grouped into special topic-Collections, which are, in effect, communication "channels". These can be edited, searched, encrypted, dragged and moved, posted to other desktops or albums and even emailed. Many file types inside collections can be previewed, for faster management. Most formerly emailed comments can be securely channelled directly into Netsso's Group documents.

Within one Group, multiple Albums can be used to confine particular data or topics to selected group members, at the discretion of the group Manager. Chat membership can also be awarded selectively.


A known problem with large collaborations involving many members, messages and files is a question of how to track and keep up with everybody's comments and edits.

Netsso solution is to summarise all "Recent Updates" on the Home page, divided by member, topic, comment type etc and from where any member can view the update and edit the file, normally without visiting the actual file location itself.

All updates summarised on the Home page, and actioned from there


The Netsso Group can be used for any type of group, however Netsso offers for the family group a special service "Family Tree".

Netsso Family Tree allows to create, store and study family history in the form of a genealogical tree.
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Family Tree Chart

You need to archive group content?

For archiving purposes, the Manager of a group, who sets it up, can download a copy of all group data to any local computer, in seconds, encrypted by his Master Password.

Netsso's collaboration groups are private, fully encryptable by option, flexible, multi-functional repositories of group knowledge and discussion. They offer an excellent, secure solution for discussing plans, solving problems, sharing knowledge and getting work done.