One Single Sign On to all the places you may wish to revisit on Your internet, from any computer. Thousands of links to anywhere with its own url, privately for you.
Your web-based Knowledge is always with you.

Bookmarks in unique presentation
Organize bookmarks in Albums, Desktops and Collections

Bookmarks structured for speedy access

Bookmarks are grouped by your themes into Collections, placed on virtual Desktops, packed into Albums. Supported by Search (of links and their Descriptions),if needed. Including your Netsso Notes, your News Feeds, web mail, your individual files in your Dropbox, etc... thousands of places you decide are worth recording. Just cick to visit.

Different bookmarks denote different link types

Most bookmarks you make are Simple Links to accessible web pages/objects.
Bookmarks which include your credentials for a web place, and logs these in for you, are called Login Links.
Some web places refuse programmed logins. In this case record the credentials in Login Memos, from which you can perform the login, or at least copy-paste the data.
Special bookmarks are also used to denote News Feeds and Netsso Notes. And your links made to individual files held in online stores carry normal/standard file icons. Often, when you collect a web link, the file icon will come with it, Or you can edit these to substitute your own preferenses
'Link types in Netsso
Bookmark all your knowledge into categories

Organise and share your knowledge

Organise your bookmarks into Collections. Any theme, any purpose, even temporary. Drag links or Collections to any desktop, or Share encrypted or not, to any member. Email to any mail address. You can even share a complete desktop, to anywhere.

Back Up all your Netsso links/ data in seconds to any computer, encrypted by your Master Password.

Netsso's special HTML Notes

Type or paste data into Notes, rich text
(images, videos, etc), versatile, for reminders,
contacts, ToDos, descriptions, full html
Reports, interactive comment/ discussions...

Versatile online Notes, include secure discussions
Bookmark's encryption, other features

Some other features

Decorate your bookmarks and desktops with icons, different backgrounds, fonts

Encrypt some or all of your bookmarks (- their password data is encrypted by default)

Fast exact search of any web item you have recorded as being of interest for a future re-visit.

Bookmark a page, link, text, image by simple right click on it and "Copy Paste for Netsso".
Optionally Netsso will hold the bookmark for you to organise later.

One single sign on login to your Netsso opens up click-access to all your favourite web destinations, speedily... The Best Start Page.. Keep it On during computing sessions.!