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Organise, Encrypt and Share files online and web-links you may wish to re-visit

Web-based, accessible from any computer, most devices

Netsso integrates three important services to create
... your Secure Personal Internet Manager

Link any url from any computer
Thousands of links and Notes
Manage annotations, drag,
categorise, re-arrange, share
Re-Find web objects easily

Netsso integrates  important services: bookmarking, passwords management, online file encryption
Password Management
Records your usernames, passwords to web places. Remembers, Logs them in as needed, transparently. Part of Bookmarking process.

Netsso integrates  important services: bookmarking, passwords management, online file encryption
Online File Encryption
Encrypts - loads your files to your Dropbox, etc and decrypts on any machine. Share private files with others. Just using clicks.
Netsso is a single sign on (SSO) personal portal to all your web urls including password management and encryption of your online files, available on most devices.

Bookmarking for an Organised Mind, speedy ReFind

Bookmarking for an Organised Mind, speedy ReFind
  • Layout designed for memory thru recognition
  • ReFind much faster than popular search engines
  • Password management - login credentials included as needed
  • Drag, annotate, re-group to suit current interests
  • Links to online docs and web places all on the one page (and your Notes)

Great improvement in your productivity and web memory
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Use strong passwords - no need to ever remember them!

Use strong passwords - no need to ever remember them!
Enhance your internet security by using different, very complex, passwords for each web place.
Store these when making your "Login Links" in Netsso and Netsso will log them in for you later.
All you need remember is your Netsso Master Password, which is never shown to anyone.

NFEM - Netsso File Encryption and Managment system, for your Online Files

Your local Netsso encrypts files individually and loads them to your Dropbox or other major online file stores.
Later, from any PC, most tablets, you can download these files via your Netsso, and decrypt them without installing software.
You can also share these encrypted files to other members of Netsso. All done with clicks!
Optionally, make a link/bookmark on any Netsso virtual desktop to any of these encrypted files in your Netsso/online store and later open it from the link, on most machines. (No need to open the store first)
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Netsso is private, secure .. but sharing is easy !

Netsso is private, secure .. but sharing is easy !
  • Individual members can right click/share any link to anyone (or any group of links)
  • Teams/groups can set up, in two minutes, a Joint Netsso ("Group") to jointly create and share links to any web objects, and to documents online, encrypted or not, and to blog and chat to each other.
  • Great for projects, education, business partners, research, families, etc.
  • Especially for sharing confidential information in select groups.
  • No login problems.. Included in Netsso's single sign on password management system
Using Netsso as your internet gateway greatly improves your memory for internet places, your speed and ease of access, your information organisation and management, your online security and Privacy.
Read about Telecryptor, a stand-alone encryption utility for your PC (Windows only),which remembers Netsso passwords for you and decrypts with a click.
Download and use Telecryptor for Free
Read more about encryption and security in many parts of Netsso, used by default ... or optionally. Read where Netsso works...(information about browsers and platforms)
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Netsso uses SSL certificate from Thawte Netsso is member of Internet Irish Association Netsso's code for downloading is authenticated and certified annually by Verisign's Authenticode system
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