Netsso Family Tree

Netsso Family Tree allows to create, edit, store and study family history in the form of a genealogical tree.


Netsso, with which Family Tree service is integrated, creates an environment for effective work with Family Tree service.

All information about family members is stored in encrypted form, encryption takes place on the client side and the only users who have access to the service can view it. Group Manager adds / deletes users to Family Tree service in the Group.
In addition, the Netsso links to the desktop and collection allows you to create a set of files and documents associated with a given person or event.
At the moment, Family Tree allows you to create charts for descendants and ancestors. The diagram interface makes it easy to get all the information about a given person and his family ties.
Family Tree Editor supports co-authoring. It is possible to assign to users the different rights: a user with submitter rights submits new members of the family tree, additional information and multimedia files, and a user with manager rights can approve or reject them.
Netsso chats and discusion Notes provide an opportunity to discuss and clarify all additions / changes proposed by users without leaving the service.
Family Tree Finder allows you to find family members by the beginning of their first or last names.
Access to Family Tree service works from anywhere. The service is available in all major browsers and does not require installation.

Family Tree chart

Netsso Family Tree Chart

Family Tree records

Family Tree records

Editing of Family Tree record

Editing of Family Tree record
The Family Tree online service offers an excellent, secure solution for family!