Online File Manager

Encrypt, store files on your DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive. Then manage / share them via their links in your Netsso.

Load and manage your files online via your Netsso- for security and speed


Connect (one time, in seconds) your Netsso to your online file storages. Then, from any computer/ most devices, upload local files to the storages via your Online File Manager page. Click to (optionally) encrypt each file as it loads with a random key. Always a different key for each file, which Netsso remembers.

Encryption and decryption is always local, with unbreakable passwords , exlusive for you. Here is a typical random key

Strong individual encryption for each file
Manage (and mix) files in different stores via Netsso links


After first loading a file you can (should) optionally make a link to it and place the link on a Netsso desktop. Then manage it from the link., Drag, group, encrypt, share, links from any participating storage...Mix them together..Re-order the files without touching them.. only by moving their links ! Search the files via their link Descriptions (up to 400 characters long) (Many file types can be Previewed from the links, without opening the storages.. )

Pick up your file on any computer, or Android, via Netsso, and Share it to any other Netsso members, still encrypted and by using the links.

Netsso's Online File Manager encrypts files in your regular storages, thousands of files, each up to 2 gigabytes in size, at high speed, very easily and simply. By sharing them with other members you create an encrypted file transfer/ communication network.