Password Manager

Where your passwords are Built Into your bookmarks.
Nothing is easier.

Passwords, usernames built into bookmarks


Netsso builds the username/password for the destination site right into the bookmark link, encrypted..So, Netsso bookmarks do not just bring you to the "front door" of the site (where you normally have to login) but log you right in to the page/folder you want to reach.

automatic password logins


To enable this feature, you must make the bookmark as a Login link, as opposed to the normal Simple Link, and you need to have installed (less than one minute) the Login Pilot as an extension in your local browser, the only local software you ever need in Netsso

Its role is to collect your credentials from you, store them securely encrypted, and later guide your bookmark to the correct login form and to enter the correct data when needed. It also enables you to speedily create a Simple Link from most web pages just by right-click (or tap) and choosing "Copy for Netsso"


Netsso's Password Manager is almost nothing to look at ! Its just the way your Netsso creates your bookmark to places needing login data.No other system can be simpler! The speed of operation and convenience is truly impressive. As fast as operating a normal Simple Link bookmark. No need to ever worry about passwords and usernames (or exact url- addresses for web pages). Always reliable!

Password Management - very fast and simple
If sometimes you wish or need to see your credentials data just right-click to Open link. Only you can do it.
For extra feeling of comfort, you can download all your Netsso data to your local computer in seconds, encrypted by your master password, the only password you ever have to remember in Netsso.
Surf from site to site speedily, without having to enter addresses (URLS) or even exact names.
You can use highly complex random data as (unbreakable) passwords, different for each web object, which you never have to remember (nor could hackers!) No need to use the same simple memorable password for all sites. Use complex ones,which only your local Netsso can access (after you login to it).
The Password Manager makes all parts of the internet quickly accessible by clicks from your Netsso.. which makes your Netso your best Start Page and operating dashboard for all your internet work ! And Private and Secure !