Netsso User Manual

About Links

There are four basic types of link in Netsso, each with a different purpose. (Netsso's objective is to provide you a place where all "your internet" can be accessed, after only one login to Netsso, on almost any computer/device. Many urls on the internet are not so simple to access, for example places requiring their own access credentials to be entered and these cannot be immediately accessed by a click on a normal typical bookmark.) Netsso also uses special icons for links to private documents and folders held in SOFM/Online stores, and for links which have been received as “shares” from other members. These are made "automatically".

To make a link you right-click (tap in tablets) on the open desktop and choose Create Links, Note. Then select Link Wizard to guide you to making the correct link selection, although this might be required for only the absolutely new user. Then choose the type of link you need to make:

Using Simple Links

Login Links (with built-in Password Manager)

Link to a Login Memo

Create a link to a Note