Netsso User Manual

Create a link to a Note

In effect this is a private Note which you create in Netsso. It is stored in Netsso's database and you create a link  to it on any desktop. Notes are very useful, as reminders, or enhanced information about related website links, or recording some text from the internet, or sending as a message, etc. To make a Note, right-click the desktop/Create links, Notes/Create Note..., give it a Title on the next form - "Create Note" - and a Description if you wish and click the Note Content tab. This brings you to the space where you can place your text:

You may also choose a fancy font or/and place content of Note on desktop if wish. Then you may right-click or tap a Note to show or hide its content on the desktop.

Encryption in Notes

You can choose to encrypt the content only or All the note, which includes the Title, Description, etc. If you do so, the Note, as encrypted data, cannot be searched by Netsso, should you later wish to search for it. (You will be able to see it on the desktop and open it, but not search it in the database.) To get over this difficulty, Netsso offers a search-by-tag system. So, if you fully encrypt the Notes, give them some keywords as Tags, to enable you to search for them later.

Create Note