Netsso User Manual

Link to a Login Memo

There may be some places where neither Simple links nor Login links are suitable for recording relevant access data. For example some bank account entry procedures are multi-step, requiring unpredictable actions to be taken or questions to be answered. For these places, Netsso offers a Memo form, on which you record your credentials and can later copy-paste them where and when needed. This obviates the need to remember them, so you can still use highly complex passwords, different for each destination. To use this type of link, right-click(or tap) the desktop/Create Links/Create Login Memo and receive the form Create Login Memo. Enter a Title for the link/destination and then click the Login Memo tab on the form and enter the data you wish to record in the next window. Then Submit.

Create Login Memo

Later, to get to the destination, you click on its link (the Login Memo you had made earlier) and it opens the site (provided you entered the site url when making the link). A form pops up which invites you to try to enter the credentials, and sometimes this works very satisfactorily.

If it does not work transparently, you can then copy-paste the credentials into the site’s login panel. This form ensures that you do not have to remember the username/password for the site; and also that you can use highly complex/more secure passwords for all sites.

Also, this system can work, via the Login bookmarklet, on iPads, when  a normal Login Link cannot work. See Netsso Bookmarlets. (On an iPad, you can open a login link, via the bookmarklet, when it has been made on a non-iPad machine or if made from a ready-template. But, for login links to other sites, you can make them as Login Memos, and expect that they will work transparently, via the iPad bookmarklet.)

Also, occasionally, a Login link cannot be made on some sites, for technical reasons. In those cases, try  collecting the credentials on the Login Memo and using that, as described above.