Netsso User Manual

Login Links (with built-in Password Manager)

These are for recording access data to destinations - web sites or pages - which require the visitor to enter his credentials (normally Username and Password) before gaining access. These credentials are built into the link itself, making Netsso a unique "password manager" service. There are two methods of making a Login link, depending on the destination. For some leading web sites, Netsso has made ready-templates on which you enter your credentials and then Submit. And where a template does not exist for a web destination, a Manual method is offered.

NOTE: Webmasters of sites which require credentials (e.g. member sites, networks of various types) can apply to Netsso to have a template made for their site, which effectively eliminates the problems related to forgotten or mistyped passwords by their users.

Login via template

Right-click the desktop and choose Create Links/Create AutoLogin link/Ready templates. On the next form click Choose to find the template for your destination site. And click on the destination if a template is available for it. Then enter your login name and password for that site and a Description of the link if you wish and Submit.

Create Autologin Link to Top Sites   

Login Links via Manual

This is more complicated when first tried but becomes easy to manage after two or three tries. (Just remember to keep your finger on the ctrl keyboard character when told to!) You will be helped also by a "wizard" during the link-making procedure and you can take a minute to study an animated guide, which we strongly recommend.


Right click the desktop/Create Links/Autologinlink/Manual. You will receive the left form below Create AutoLogin Link. Enter a Title for the new link and a Description if you wish. Then press RECORD on the form. A second form appears - Record AutoLogin Details - on which you should type the address (url) of the destination website and click Open. This brings you to the site and the wizard, which advises you to enter your username and password in the login panel of the site and then hit Enter (or Go, or Submit, whatever word the site uses for entry), while holding down the ctrl key. Then you are brought back to the original forms, to complete the editing if you wish and to Submit.

Note: You are also offered the opportunity to enter the "logout url" of the destination site. Netsso will use this to log you out of the site when you close it. This is good security practice when leaving sites to which you have logged in. Not all websites offer this good security option. Sometimes you can collect the url by right-clicking on the LogOut button, or from the address bar when that button is clicked.
Note: For using Login Links on iPads, please see Link to a Login Memo

Create/Record Autologin Link