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! Important message for users of the Netsso-Dropbox connection for securing online files !
Many of our members will enjoy the NSCM service, described on the About/Manage page under the top link "Online Files", in which you can manage your Dropbox and other online stores securely, by loading/unloading files via your Netsso.

But Dropbox has announced that it is changing its technology in an important way which will impact on the Netsso service from mid-2017. In the meantime, it also had a security breach itself, in which up to 60 million users passwords were leaked - perhaps a demo of the need to manage your Dropbox securely via Netsso !- and they ask their users therefore to log in to their Dropbox accounts to change their passwords, if necessary. (When you log in, you will be told if it is necessary in your case..)

So, we offer the following procedure to our members, which will take less than a minute and we hope will accommodate both the technology changes referred to and your new Dropbox password, if needed.:

Please login to Netsso, click the link Online Files/ About-Manage, then right-click on MyDropbox and choose "Disconnect". Wait a few seconds and then follow the same path and choose "Connect".

This will bring you to Dropbox, where you input your account details- username/password - (not known to Netsso, by the way) - and follow instructions there. If there's a problem with your Dropbox password you will be told at that stage and you'll have to create a new one. And then maybe, or maybe not, you will have to repeat the exercise in Netsso. That's all...It won't take long

Its a very good service ! (So's Dropbox...) (NSCM also works for Google Drive and OneDrive)
posted: 9 Sep, 2016, 11:04
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