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IMPORTANT !- Message for testers of Netsso-Telecryptor and Secure Cloud Kit (SCKit)
Next Monday, May 4, we will introduce a new version of Telecryptor, with which SCKit will be combined. It will require one simple download and install, taking under a minute. This will provide encryption/ decryption of files (via right-click) on your local computer where Telecryptor is installed and, if you upload these encrypted files to your online store, it will enable them to be transparently decrypted on other computers and some devices via Netsso/ OnlineFiles/NSCM. Until Monday, you can continue to decrypt files encrypted between Jan 1 and April 20 this year. If you want to ever decrypt these files please do so before Monday. After Monday you will be invited to delete your present Telecryptor/SCKit and install the new version. This message will be emailed to you also.
posted: 1 May, 2015, 10:24
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