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Netsso will be changing..
There are many features of Netsso which we have never publicised. Such as the ability to make a bookmark, not only for web pages, but also for web links, and images. There are also sharing facilities which work very well, and much faster than email. You can share one-to-one via an internal "Share" with other members, or via email, with any email address. But, more than this, keep an eye out for "J-Nets", Joint Netssos where groups/ teams jointly operate a Netsso. We are also updating our selection of desktop backgrounds and link icons.  Then there will be a special service for users of DropBox, GoogleDrive or Onedrive, wherein, if you load your files to these places via Netsso, they will be encrypted, on your local machine, and they can be decrypted on the local machine or any other machine, via Netsso.. Etc. We will be announcing these and some other changes in the near future
posted: 28 Mar, 2015, 21:08
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