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Arrange your personal internet
Drag and drop to structure your links to your online documents and other bookmarks in order to remember them better, access them faster and coordinate them for greater productivity.
Netsso is Private to you
Your passwords are encrypted by default and you can click the option to encrypt all other data too, link x link. Decryption is on your local PC, by your access password, which even Netsso does not know
Decorate to your taste and needs
You can click-simply change your Netsso "desktop" background design and dress your links in different icons, colours and mouseover descriptions to enhance their meaning for you
Easily record new links
When you are on a web page which you decide to record as a link for the future...just right-click the page - or an image-  and choose "Copy link for Netsso" and then right-click your Netsso desktop and choose "Paste Simple Link" (Another reason to keep Netsso running in the background as your Start Page...)
Netsso can fully log you in
When recording a link to a web place or network which requires you to enter your username and password, tell Netsso what they are, by using the "Add Login Link" option. Later, when you double click on the link, Netsso will log you right in !
A more comfortable
computing experience
Continue your web research on any PC without loss of progress. Netsso, your Start Page, also smooths your transfer from office to home to any PC and removes the problems of remembering web addresses, or usernames or passwords