Netsso is a 100% Remote Working enterprise.



Netsso remote working software

Prompted by the corona virus scare, millions of companies are studying the possibility of inviting staff to work full or part time from home.  In Dublin the other day Google sent 8000 workers home to try out RW (- although they took them back in to the office the next day.. was there a problem with their remote software, I wonder?)
It makes good sense. The virus is a temporary reason. But climate change is permanent and demands that we stop shipping billions of workers into centralised offices in major cities every day. They should be in their own places, or, better perhaps, in distributed small digital hubs,  where they can share sophisticated video conferencing facilities, and maintain face-to-face contact with society. Best is a combination, chosen by the worker to suit his changing circumstances, day by day.
The combination  requires that the worker has access to his files and correspondence from anywhere, on  his laptop, or any computer, without loss of security.  The old way to arrange that required the IT Director to set up complex firewall permissions and virtual private networks, connected to each remote computer.  The better way to do it,  in most cases, is to place the files in the Cloud and make sure they are properly encrypted, yet easy to manage

The next requirement, for successful remote working structures is a method of reliably, and securely, setting up online meetings on any topic, for personnel who need to be in the discussion. These should be capable of being set up on a speedy and ad hoc basis, by anyone, as needs for them arise.  That is - Set up the meeting place - give it a topic Title- and invite the participants, to join and discuss the problem, review the documents, edit the notes, chat, in real time and asynchronously and get the decisions made. Encrypted records should be kept too, perhaps in some "archives".

Slack, Microsoft Teams, and some others have put "chat-based messaging systems" on the market in the last 2-3 years, and argue that they are better than email for  efficient communication, being able to direct discussion along topic-defined  directly accessible "channels", rather than the unfiltered approach of email.  Netsso also offers this for groups (or individuals- in groups of even two or more members), and in addition offers "discussion Notes", suitable for iterative, lengthier discussion of "non-quick" matters. The big boys offer video meeting as well- if you have camera, etc set up-  and  Netsso does not, not yet anyway, But, instead, Netsso offers an adjoining personal- or group- filing system, each member controlling his own links to his online files and other thousands of web links, with built in password manager-credentials, so that he can speedily share his Cloud-based knowledge resources with those of his colleagues in the remote working groups.

Well, that's basically a description of the new Netsso - your files in the Cloud, and links to any web-based resources of interest to you or the company, speedy set up of ad hoc communications with colleagues, clients and friends, access from any computer (or Android), and, above all, proper security. Nothing to install and  "All on one page!" as the man says.