Our New Interface



Today we introduce Netsso's new interface. Here's hoping existing users like it and new users will try it
Its taken us about a year to finalise this new style, with a lot of changes and doubt and uncertainties along the way.

We make the Group Netsso a different colour to your personal Netsso, in the hope that, as you would normally have both open at the same time, the colour (green for groups) will help you avoid placing data and updates in the wrong places.

Please note that icons and backgrounds - still to be revised and improved - are for you to select for yourself. You can upload your own backgrounds under the "customise" option, in the preview/select window (r-click/Edit desktop/Background Image/Custom).  Make sure you collect the proper url for the image you select to upload, not just the url of the page the image is on. (Best to select the image on its page, click Properties and then find the imge url)

Also you can choose other colours for your personal Netsso. Your options are available in the sidebar under the settings button.

The NetssoTeam