To our long-ignored existing members !


19 February, 2020


We apologise. We have not taken proper care of this site for some years.
We got diverted, distracted,  the death of a team leader, disagreement over direction, then corporate matters, eventually  changes of ownership
Then we have spent the last two years revamping the older services and technology, and adding new features and a major new service, Netsso Collaboration Groups. What was essentially a bookmarking system (with built-in password management), has now become much more elaborate - a place where, after one single sign on, a member can do "all" (almost all normal) internet work reliably, speedily and, certainly, securely.  He can access all the places he may wish to revisit with a click, anywhere that has its own url; including his individual files held in online stores, including our Netsso Drive if he wishes; gather and organise his research and other knowledge relating to any of his interests; and communicate privately with others, individually or in teams, uniquely constructed.
A private base for each member's internet world.  And superb for Remote Working. We hope you like it. Keep it On, to have your personal data with you everywhere.
The Netsso team.