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Your personal links to any web object, from any computer, passwords auto-logged in; bookmarks dragged, grouped, categories, decorated, annotated, landscape presentation, encrypted but easily shared also.
Netsso offers a unique way of organising your links and bookmarks to the web- and is probably the speediest web re-finder of information which you saw once and need now. Its landscape design, offering wide virtual desktops on which you can place web links divided by themes of interest to you is a fast, visual way to refind information (supported by standard searching also).You can also make special- maybe temporary - "collections" of web links within desktops, which can be dragged to other desktops or shared (transferred) to any other user in seconds. The desktops themselves- which can also be shared to others- are packed into Albums, into which you might also group desktops of common themes. The visual experience and very flexible management options , combined with encryption options when needed, are what makes organising links very special in Netsso.
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