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Netsso is not specifically designed for the education sector exclusively, but is a general productivity tool which has interesting application in researching, teaching and learning.

Briefly, Netsso is a system for organising your internet resources for speedy retrieval, efficient sharing, dynamic linking and security. The "resources" include any web page, site, image, graphic, or other object which has its own url. This includes individual files stored online and Netsso even adds strong encryption to those files (from your own machine, with passwords never known to Netsso), and, as with all Netsso links, they can be shared securely with other members. It is therefore a (unique) system for sharing encrypted files online. (This works for files held in Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive)

All of the various Netsso services are presented on the same bookmarking platform, which has its own unique characteristics.

Also included is a "Netsso Group", which any member can set up in seconds and to which he will then invite others to share with him, as a team or project group, for example, sharing and managing links to resources and documents of common interest, and discussing these resources online via an inbuilt encrypted chat system. This may have very useful application in education. For example:
A teacher sets up a Netsso Group and invites a group of students, to use it to undertake a joint project, related to the curriculum, let us say a History topic, quite specialised, such as The Earls in Flanders (referring to the exiled Irish Earls, c. 1607, about whose lives after exile very little is known or published). Relevant sources in ScoilNet can be linked by the teacher. Then the studentsí initial tasks are to research the internet as homework and find other information, which directly, or, usually more importantly, indirectly tell us about the lives and living circumstances of the exiles in continental Europe, early 17th century. Each student must add a small quota of sources and all these are then discussed by the group later, and curated by the teacher. Students can also add their own Notes as links on the Netsso page. A new round of research then ensues and a second or third process of curation. Eventually, after a few iterative sessions, the page in the Group titled The Earls will include a collection of historical information, from international sources, documents, articles in Spanish perhaps, images of places where they lived and costumes, military encampments, excerpts from old master paintings, summaries of major local events, warfare, notable characters, Popes, astronomers, etc, even music from the period, old churches where they attended, 17th century housing and furnishings, etc... In total a page of up to 100 links of this sort represents a new insight into the Earls lives, new knowledge in effect, created by the students, through highly motivating peer-to-peer collaboration, and with deep understanding of the topic, and under the continuing leadership and curation of the teacher

When satisfied with the work of her group, the teacher can then spread this new knowledge to other teachers in the school or district, by simply right-clicking on the page and entering names. The information is transferred in seconds (and securely) and ready to be used by the recipient with no further formatting or set up.

Indeed, the second teacher can swap back her own Group's results of her own class project.

Indeed, the school can trade "new knowledge" projects with all other schools in the system. Maybe even for a small charge- say 10 euros per project, (two for the teacher, two for the students benefit and 6 for the school??). The Knowledge Exchange Market is currently under development.

Below, an image of a Joint Netsso, set up by a marketing team, investigating the potential for their products in the US market, and showing the chat system also.
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