Netsso User Manual

Sources of Links

Basically, any web object with its own url can be linked in Netsso. This includes web pages, images, other links, music tracks, videos, podcasts, Twitter messages, LinkedIn comments, etc., data of any sort. It also includes individual documents on line, including documents and folders held in major online stores such as Dropbox, Google Drive,  OneDrive, etc. These links can be made in most browsers. Also, in Internet Explorer you can link to documents on the local computer, and manipulate them as if they were web links. This can be useful- for example in compiling research you may wish to gather together various sources of information including documents on the web as well as on your local hard drive. (However, you can only access these local documents later when you are on the computer on which they reside.) Web pages that require your credentials (username-passwords) on entry can be linked in Netsso via a Login Link. Netsso will remember and login those credentials when you click to go to that place later.

You can also make a link to a document which you load in to your online storage via Secure Online File Manager (SOFM), which is described below. Go into the store via Netsso/OnlineFiles/ (MyStorage), and right-click on any file or folder and choose "Copy link for Netsso". Then place the link on a suitable desktop in your Netsso. When you click it later, Netsso will find it in the store, download it to whatever computer/device you may be on, decrypt it, if you have chosen to encrypt it, and open it for you.