Netsso User Manual

Making Login Links

When you need to create a link to a web place which requires entry of credentials, you must use the Create/ Login Link option. (Netsso offers a variety of links, which we describe elsewhere.) There are two methods of creation of these links.

Login Link to selected most popular sites

For the most visited sites on the web, Netsso has pre-made a simple form for recording your credentials. Right-click on the desktop/Create Links/Create AutoLogin Link/Ready-templates.

Desktop Context Menu

In the next dialog window, Choose from a list of leading sites, fill in your Login Name (Username normally) and entry password and a reminder/Description if you wish and then Submit.

Create Autologin Link to Top Sites

Login Links to all other web places

These links can be added manually. (However, there are some web sites whose entry procedures are not predictable. For these, see Login Memo links below.) Right-click on the desktop/Create Links/Create AutoLogin Link/Manually (see above). On the next window, give the new link a Title and Description. Then click Help/Demo for further detailed instructions. Alternatively, just click on Record and follow instructions carefully.

Create Autologin Link

Also, you will find a detailed animated guide among the Tips on your Blog - Tips page. In addition, when you start making the link, you will find a yellow banner instruction aide on the website whose url you are recording.

This procedure may sound complex, but after making 2 - 3 login links it will look much simpler and will take less than a minute. (Take a look at our animated guide.)