Netsso User Manual

The Login Pilot

In order to avail of automatic login of your credentials, your local machine must have a small piece of Netsso software installed...the Login Pilot. Without it, when you need to login credentials, Netsso will popup the credentials for you to copy-paste into the destination web page. This means that even if you don't have the Login Pilot installed, you can still use Netsso and do not need to remember any access passwords yourself. But the Login Pilot also performs some other useful functions, including very easy creation of new links.

You will receive a message on your Netsso site to install or upgrade the Login Pilot when needed.

The Login Pilot and iPad

The Login Pilot cannot be installed in the Safari browser on the iPad. Instead, we offer a bookmarklet, which can be installed following the normal iPad procedure for bookmarklets . The general approach, decided by iPad, is for the user to create an “empty” bookmarklet first, and then to enter some code specific to the application required (such as Netsso Login Links). Both the iPad instructions and the Netsso code are available at the following link.

The Netsso Login bookmarklet for iPad does not give the full functionality of the Login Pilot used on desktops and Android, but it does enable the following:

In addition, quite often you will find that a Login Memo link works just like a Login Link, when opened via the bookmarklet on the iPad. In other words, if it proves impossible to make a Login Link using the bookmarklet on an iPad, try recording the same data as a Login Memo and try opening that via the iPad “Netsso login” bookmarklet. The traditional Login Pilot function which enables Simple Links to web pages to be recorded via right-click/context menu “Copy for Netsso”, is also available as a separate bookmarklet for iPads.