Netsso User Manual

Bookmarking with a difference

Netsso's Bookmarking looks different to other bookmarking services. This is because they are often set up as "social bookmarkers", with the primary purpose being to share each member’s bookmarks with the world. Or, bookmarking is a service provided in various browsers, and these are space-limited and display restricted, offering normally a linear display of a limited list of bookmarks on one local computer. Netsso sits on the internet, on a server accessible from any computing device. So, your links are available to you from "anywhere". Its "landscape" layout, divided into "Albums" and "desktops" (pages), can accommodate thousands of bookmarks, organised by any topics which you create. These can be fully or partially encrypted, for you alone, and searching, if needed, is within the password-protected environment. Netsso's orientation is Personal and Private, enabling you to have with you links to all of the places you might wish to revisit on the internet, including documents held online, from whatever computer or (most) devices may be available to you. (You effectively bring "your" internet world with you everywhere, behind one login password.) But sharing is also provided, to individuals, and groups.