Netsso User Manual

Tips, Applications of Netsso

Every internet user can benefit from using Netsso. It is a store, carried with you to all computers, devices, of all the places you have been to on the internet and feel that you might like to visit again. You don't have to remember their exact urls (addresses) again, or search for them in major search engines. Netsso is therefore a great time saver and internet accessibility-creator. It also remembers any passwords and usernames which you have connected to places, and logs them in for you. You therefore can use much more secure passwords, different for every destination.

Some special applications of Netsso are described in the Applications box on the Blog page. More will be added. These include Netsso for education, both as a great teaching aid and learning aid. It is also particularly useful for internet research, the gathering, storing and organisation of data and its collation and management. It also is an ideal way to share links to documents across a dispersed organisation using the internet, including encrypted documents.

On your Blog page - and it can also be included on your Start Desk (see above) - you will find instant links to the Netsso Groups, where you are a member or which you manage as well as link-tabs to all your desktops and Albums, and other services