Netsso User Manual

Using the Contact List

Netsso's Contact List for each user is primarily designed and used in the Sharing context, when one member sends a link or file to another Netsso member.

The sender is asked to nominate the recipient’s username or email address and this can be added to the senders Contact List for ease of sending in the future. It is also used in a similar fashion in the management of Netsso Group. Therefore, to create a Contacts List, you should right-click a link on any desktop (or Tap on a touch device) and select "Share this link". This opens up the Contacts List (initially an empty list) and enables you to add your contacts to it. (You can then decide not to share the previously chosen link, and "Submit" the newly edited List, which enables you to retain the list without using it immediately).

Your Contacts List can appear on your Blog page after login. But it can equally, and probably more conveniently, be chosen as a Option for your Start Desk (see Start Page, Start Desktop).