Netsso User Manual

Start Page, Start Desktop is, at least, one of the best start Pages available for internet travels and work. While some well known search engines offer excellent search facilities for “new" material, and for making new links to web places, Netsso is the best for searching your previously selected links to any web page, place, object, image, web mail, etc.  It is much faster, delivers more accurate results, because you, yourself, created the search terms previously when recording the places in Netsso originally.

And Netsso doesn't only give you a list of search offers you click/login to any of the results, even when your user credentials are required by the destination site. ANY places you might ever wish to visit - that is ALL places with an internet address (a "url") can be linked from your Netsso and accessed by a click, after you have logged into Netsso. That includes the weather, your Calendar and what have you.

Start Desktop

Normally, when you login to Netsso you arrive at the Blog page, which includes some personal recognition and personal data, such as remaining link quotas, links to your Netsso Groups, etc. This personal data can be transferred to a Start Desk, another after-Login option, which you make yourself as a desktop tab. You then arrive there immediately upon entering your Master Password at login. To create a Start Desk, you first create a normal desktop and then Netsso will offer to make "Start desk". Then follow instructions to choose Options for the Start Desk and later you can add some extra material of your own such as, importantly perhaps, copies of links which you visit most frequently and your Contact List, which shows you which of your contacts are currently online in Netsso:

Options for Start Desktop

Changing your Start Desk

If you already have a Start Desk, you will not be offered the opportunity to make (a new) one when you create a new desktop. If you want to change your Start Desk, then right-click on it and choose "Abandon". Then click the + sign to make a new one and you can elect to make this new one the Start Desk. Existing links will remain in place, until moved.