Netsso User Manual

Quick Start, using Telecryptor

Telecryptor is a free standing encryption utility which you install on any Windows computer. It does local encryption of files and remembers random passwords which are used to encrypt files individually. It also is able to access encryption keys of any files you have stored online via Netsso. It can therefore decrypt files which you have encrypted on other machines and stored online via Netsso. Read more about all this in the Telecryptor, Online Decryptor.

Telecryptor also, via its right-click context menu, can give you fast access to some pages in Netsso. It requires only input of your Master Password, to authenticate yourself. It then logs you into Netsso, where you can click to go to the desktop you need very quickly. This should be faster than launching your browser first, to get to the internet.

Telecryptor is available via right-click on any file in your local computer and from its own icons in the Notification area of your Task bar and, for activating the fast access to Netsso just described, from a related icon on your main Task bar:

Telecryptor Jump List