Netsso User Manual

Your Master Password

Using Netsso enables you to use strong, highly complex, individual passwords for all the web places you sign up for - different for everywhere and impossible to remember - which adds to your general internet security. You may have thousands of encrypted documents and Netsso links, all with different passwords. Because you don't have to remember them, ever! Netsso remembers them all for you. But these are in turn all encrypted by your Master Password.

As you enter Netsso you login with the Master Password, and when you call up different pages ("desktops") of data in your Netsso, the encrypted data is decrypted by the Master Password, held in memory. Your Netsso Master Password is the only password you need to remember during your internet travels among web places which you have recorded in your Netsso.

Please do not ever forget it!

Changing the Master Password

You can change the Master Password to a new one, only provided you remember the old one and enter it first. To do this, drop down the menu under your username under the search panel on your Netsso page, and choose "Change Master Password".

Change Master Password

Having authenticated yourself by entering the current MP, you can change it to the new one and the new one will then be used on your local machine to re-encrypt all your encrypted data.

Forgotten or Lost Master Password

You must try hard Not to forget your Master Password (MP)! (Maybe write it down somewhere safe.) Netsso does not know it and cannot replace it. (However, see below concerning the new MP Back Up Service.) Netsso can issue you with a new MP, which will allow you to enter your Netsso, but will not enable you to read any data previously encrypted by the old MP.

If you forget your password, then go to the Login panel on the Home page and enter your username or email address- it must be the one recorded officially in Netsso- and click "Forgot Password". This will take you to a fast three-step procedure for obtaining a new password, first giving you a temporary one (which Netsso must know as it is supplied by Netsso), and later you can change this to a new private one, which only you can know.

Back Up Service for Master Passwords

Netsso offers you a system for securely retaining a backup copy of your Master Password. Access the method under the Admin menu/ Backup Master Password.

Netsso generates a special encryption key for you and stores it on the Netsso server. It sends this key to you, and you use it to encrypt your Master Password. You then store this encrypted MP anywhere- in any folder on  your machine or on a flash drive, for example. Later, when you identify yourself to Netsso satisfactorily, Netsso will send you a copy of the encryption key and you use it to decrypt the encrypted MP. This therefore enables you to store a copy of your MP securely.