Netsso User Manual

Who is Netsso for?

Everybody who uses the internet. Netsso is your one-login gateway to your whole personal internet world! It is your passport to any internet-based resource which you have previously recorded as being possibly worth revisiting. It is always with you and you will find the resource ten times faster in your personal Netsso than searching for it again in major search engines.

It is especially useful to those who use the internet a lot, who search regularly and need to re-find good places and resources quite often, and who need to keep a lot of web based data neatly organised and accessible for flexible and dynamic manipulation. We have in mind such users as teachers, students, other researchers, journalists, consultants of all sorts, marketeers, corporate executives (especially in widely dispersed organisations), other multi-client-service providers (e.g. doctors, lawyers, accountants), etc.

Internet users concerned about Privacy and Security on the internet should certainly do their internet business via Netsso. Their searches among thousands of links in Netsso are not subject to surveillance. Their documents sent to online stores via Netsso can  be click-strongly encrypted with individual keys, which are in turn encrypted by the user's Master Password, known only to him (and, specifically, not to Netsso administration). And these documents and other links can be shared privately with other Netsso members, in seconds.