Netsso User Manual

What is Netsso?

Netsso is your universal secure cloud organiser.  All the data (files, notes and links to everywhere) that you store in the Cloud can be linked from your Netsso, from (almost) any PC or device, securely, and therefore made available to you anywhere, after a single login to Netsso. That is, your data is always with you, that data which you have chosen to store in Netsso. (Netsso can handle thousands of links).

Some of your data is encrypted by default and all of it can be encrypted optionally with a click. The encryption is ultimately controlled by your Master Password, known only to you.

Netsso has a unique non-linear, landscape interface which makes searching easy and speedy. It also includes a multi-level hierarchical system for categorising your links into whatever storage and retrieval structure you need.

Netsso offers a unique access password management solution, in which the credentials you need for access to various sites which need entry passwords are built into the link information and enables you to avoid having to remember and enter passwords, or even exact url- web page addresses. Netsso logs you into these places transparently, when you double click.

Netsso also provides you individual file encryption for files which you load/ store on major online hosts Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. When you manage these files through your Netsso interface, they can be auto-encrypted, decrypted (elsewhere), moved around, shared, etc. Only you can know the file decryption keys.