Netsso User Manual

About Web Decryptor

Where Telecryptor is a (Windows) computer-based system for, among other functions, decrypting Netsso/SOFM-encrypted files offline, Web Decryptor is a web based decryptor for SOFM-encrypted files stored on the Netsso member’s computer. It can be used when Telecryptor is not installed or not available for a specific platform. For more details about platforms, etc, check Supported browsers, platforms. Web Decryptor decrypts files on the local computer (not on the Netsso server or elsewhere) and works via the browser.

A Use example: Two years ago you loaded a file to your Dropbox, via Netsso/SOFM, and chose to encrypt it. Then you pull it out of DropBox via the synch folder on your iPhone. You want to read it offline, but Telecryptor only works on Windows.