Netsso User Manual

Active Master Password and Locking Passwords

All data in the password database is stored on your computer in encrypted form, by the user’s Master Password (MP). In order to use the database the Master Password is required. If a particular  action requires the MP for getting data from the password database and it is not known then the user is asked to enter it:

Telecryptor-Input Master Password

You can choose only a username whose password database is already on the local computer. If the entered MP is correct then the MP will be stored in the computer’s main memory (RAM) and used for decryption of individual password data from the database. For convenience Telecryptor will remember the specified MP for a while, to enable multiple file decryptions without the need to re-enter the MP every time. This MP is called the “active” one, meaning the MP currently held in memory for active use. However, if it is not used for more than 30 minutes then it will be deleted from memory automatically. After this any action requiring an MP will require the input of an MP again.

Sometimes it might be necessary to lock the password database immediately, for example, if obliged to leave the computer unattended for some while. To lock the password database click “Lock Password” in context menu of file or of the icon in the notification area:

Telecryptor Context Menu      Telecryptor Menu