Netsso User Manual

Set up and Using Telecryptor

To install Telecryptor download (from Netsso / Online Files / About-Manage / Telecryptor) the installer from the Netsso site, run it and follow the instructions. The Telecryptor will start automatically when installation is finished. Also it will start up on every bootup of Windows.

Telecryptor is ready for use right after installation but for encryption and decryption a local copy of the Netsso user’s password database is also needed. Therefore at first you should download the password database. To do this, click the option “Update Passwords” from the small Telecryptor icon in the notification area (little up arrow, bottom right corner of your screen) or any file context menu in Windows Explorer:

Telecryptor Menu                      Telecryptor Context Menu

You will then be offered your Netsso password database for download into your Telecryptor:

Telecryptor-Download Password Database

The password database contains data encrypted by your Master Password, which only you know. Therefore nobody can know your passwords while being transferred or when the database is stored on your computer.

At first usage in order to proceed further you should specify a Netsso username, then the associated master password(MP) and click OK. If the username and MP is correct then the user’s password database will be downloaded onto the computer. Otherwise you will be informed about an error in a status area below the MP field. After this Telecryptor is ready for encryption/decryption.

Telecryptor handles multi-accounts, for the same computer. That it, multi Netsso “usernames” can operate file decryption/encryption from the one computer. Of course, the password database of each account cannot be revealed to other accounts/usernames. If you switch to a new username then you have to download the corresponding database. The procedure will be the same as described above.

You can use option “Update Passwords” at any time for database updating if you know/think that something was changed, for example, after changing MP. In this case dropdown list will contain list of Netsso usernames whose databases were downloaded already.