Netsso User Manual

Using Netsso links to online files

SOFM (online file management) is integrated with Netsso bookmarking. This means you can make a link on your Netsso desktop (-any desktop you choose), to a file or folder in your online store, and then provide virtual management of those the files in the store via the corresponding links in Netsso, saving time – especially in moving/copying files - and gaining some other convenience benefits. (The files themselves don’t move, but the links to them are repositioned into more desirable locations, enabling the management objective to be achieved). Clicking the link on the desktop gives you fast access to particular files or folders, irrespective of which store they may be held in, avoiding the need to first open and search the store.

This Netsso facility means that you can, in effect, group together in one place (your Netsso desktop), all of the resources of the internet of interest to you- not only standard “links” or “Bookmarks” to web pages, but all your online files and folders too – every web object of interest, grouped under common categories, flexibly, re-arrangable, drag and drop-able, and secure but shareable when needed.

To link to a file or folder in the SOFM online store, right-click the item and choose “Copy Link For Netsso”, and then paste the link wherever you wish on one of your Netsso desktops. You can add description, icon, special font, etc.