Netsso User Manual

Disconnecting, Reconnecting

When your online store is connected then other options are available through the drop down menu:

NSCM Console

If you want to disconnect the store from your Netsso, then click “Disconnect”. Confirmation will be asked and if you confirm then all data concerning the storage will be deleted on the Netsso server. Nevertheless this does not revoke permissions which you previously gave SOFM. That can be done only from the online store webpage. Netsso will supply you a link to do that, upon successful disconnection from Netsso’s server.

Also, there is a probability that your online store connection can become unavailable in SOFM for some reason or other. In such cases, a simple reconnection may be sufficient to resolve the problem. Click “Reconnect” in the context menu. The procedure is the same as for the original connecting.