Netsso User Manual

Setting Up SOFM

To enable SOFM to work transparently with your online store – DropBox, Google Drive and/or One Drive- you must “connect” the two together- your online store and your Netsso. This is done- one time and normally for ever- on your local computer

NSCM Console To connect your Netsso and your Online Store, open your SOFM/About-Manage page from the Online Files link at the top of your Netsso desktop. Then select your store in the Set-Up panel in. If your store is not already connected you will be re-directed to the store’s web page. This page will ask you to allow SOFM necessary access to storage. You should allow. When this is done the page will close and you can switch to the selected storage service by clicking the store in the graphic/console or in the dropdown menu of Online Files. The connection status of your online store is reflected in its icon colour – a black icon – the store is not connected, coloured – it is connected.  In the case of Google Drive and OneDrive before redirecting you will be also asked to allow SOFM to know your account(user) name in the store. This allows SOFM later to remind you what particular storage account is connected to SOFM, important in case you have more than one account with the store. For Dropbox this is available anyway.

NOTE: You may be asked to log in to your storage account before viewing the page for authorization of SOFM. As you log in on the storage page, Netsso/SOFM will not have access there. (Netsso/SOFM will not have access to your online store credentials (username, password), at this time or at any future time.)