Netsso User Manual

About SOFM

Secure Online File Manager (SOFM) enables the Netsso user to manage his files and folders on online storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive, without leaving his Netsso. It provides speedy - one click - access to these services and for switching between them. Some management actions which normally require searching and moving or copying files or folders in these services can more easily be effected by moving their corresponding links in Netsso. Most importantly, SOFM provides strong individual encryption of files being loaded to these services, with decryption on any other computer or most devices. And it provides sharing of encrypted files in these services between all members of Netsso.

On uploading of a file to one of the storage services via Netsso, the user can click-select to have the file encrypted in SOFM. The file will be encrypted locally (on the user’s machine) and after this will be uploaded to the online store.  The encrypted file can be opened on any computer or most devices where it will be first downloaded and then decrypted (for the user only). The user does not need to remember or worry about file passwords: these are created automatically, unique for each file and very strong and cannot be known to others (including Netsso Administration). These encrypted files can also be selectively shared with other Netsso members- such as  a project team or members of an organization or department- without opening  other encrypted files – that is, without the need to provide access to other files which the user does not intend to share.  Also, SOFM is integrated with the Netsso bookmarking system and so the user can create links on his Netsso desktop  for fast access to files or folders in his online stores

SOFM is proposed as a very valuable – and easy to operate- method of securing files held in Dropbox and other major online storage services which should be of interest to individuals and groups/organisations concerned about security in these stores. Businesses needing to transfer important or confidential documents among their staff or customers can use third party storage services with confidence that their documents cannot be hacked by outsiders. Lawyers and consultants can hold confidential documents securely in, e.g Dropbox, and distribute them selectively to their clients. There are similar applications in most professions and industrial/ economic/financial sectors. Project teams and groups of all sorts will be encouraged to use cloud storage systems, and gain efficiencies in so doing, by reason of the extra security and other benefits brought to the process by SOFM.