Netsso User Manual

Quick Help -Telecryptor


Update Passwords This downloads the latest password database from the server.
Encrypt Click to encrypt the file, in its place.
Encrypt Copy Click to encrypt a copy of the file, leaving the original unencrypted.
Decrypt Click to decrypt an enrypted file. Telecryptor will know the password, or you may have to find it from the server, by "Update Passwords".
Decrypt Copy Click to decrypt a copy of this encrypted file, leaving the original encrypted.
Wipe Click to delete all traces of the file on  this computer/device without any posibility to restore its content later.
View Look inside the file, maybe to see its encrypted  form.
Lock Passwords This deletes your Master Password from Telecryptor and all passwords become inaccessible. It can be useful if you have to leave the machine for a short while. To re-start later you must enter your MP.