Netsso User Manual

Uploading A File Directly from the Netsso Desktop

Netsso gives you the possibility to upload a file directly from its desktop. To upload a file click the option "Upload File" in the desktop context (right-click)menu. If you have not already specified your online storage and a default folder for this desktop, then you will be immediately offered to specify a storage and a destination folder where the uploaded file should be saved:

Choose Destination Folder

Optionally you can check "Set Folder as Default". Then the next time you use the "Upload File" feature the chosen folder will be offered by default for storage of files to be linked to that same desktop so there will be no need to specify it every time. You can change the default folder any time, or select some other folder for a particular file upload. Just select the folder in the storage list (example above) and then "Choose". The dialog "Choose Destination Folder" will then close and you can proceed to select the file to be uploaded:

Upload File To