Netsso User Manual

Keeping the Content behind a Simple link

Sometimes links can be broken, when, for example, the owner of the content to which it refers deletes the content from the web. It can therefore sometimes be desirable to save the original content somewhere and Netsso offers this to members who have their own online storage in Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive. To do it, you right-click (or Tap) on the link and select Save Link Content from the context menu, and then select the folder in your online storage where you wish Netsso to save the content.

To save the content behind a Simple Link on your Netsso desktop, right-click the link and choose “Save Link Content” from the context menu:

You will be offered to review the default title, destination storage and folder:

If everything is correct click button "Save" to instruct Netsso server to save the content of the link. Otherwise, you can change the title and the destination of the file. To change the last click button "Change" and specify the storage and folder:

NOTE: If the default destination storage and folder are not specified for the desktop of the link then the form "Choose Destination Folder" will be shown automatically.


Later, if the content behind a link has been saved you can access it from your desktop by right-clicking (or tapping) on the link and choosing “Go to Saved Content”. Netsso will redirect you to the content in your online store:

You can also do it from the internet webpage itself, using the “Copy Link for Netsso” facility. More details are provided below in this Manual, in the Secure Online File Manager chapter, which deals with managing your online files via Netsso.