Netsso User Manual

Batch Decryption

To decrypt groups of files or files in folders navigate to them in Windows Explorer and select files and/or folders. Then click “Decrypt” or “Decrypt Copy” in the right-click context menu:

If you choose "Decrypt" then the following dialog will be shown:

Before start decryption you have to specify what should be made in exceptional cases. For the first two options you can choose: “Overwrite”, “Skip” and “Abort”. For the last only two are available: “Skip” and “Abort”. When you click “Decrypt”, you will be asked to enter your Netsso account and Master Password, if it is not already held in the session as the “Active Password”. (It then remains the Active password until not used for a period of 30 minutes). The selected files  and files in selected folders and their subfolders will be decrypted. All exceptional cases will be reported in the log.

If you choose “Decrypt Copy” then a slightly different dialog will be shown:

To proceed with decryption you first have to specify a destination folder. Click “Browse”, choose the folder and then click “Decrypt”. In this case the original files remain unchanged. See the explanation above for the other options.