Netsso User Manual

Encrypting a Single File

To encrypt a single file navigate to the file in Windows Explorer and click “Encrypt” or “Encrypt Copy” in its context menu:

NOTE Files encrypted in Netsso Telecryptor could be dragged into the synch folder of (SOFM-connected) online stores, and later accessed via Secure Online File Manager (SOFM), on other computers, and downloaded/decrypted and opened there.


If you choose “Encrypt” then the following dialog will be shown:

When you click “Encrypt”, you will be asked to enter your Netsso account and  Master Password, if it is not already held in the session as the “Active Password”. (It then remains the Active password until not used for a period of 30 minutes). The file will be encrypted by a random password, of length c. 40 characters, and in turn that password will be encrypted by the MP. The file becomes strongly encrypted in its existing place, with no unencrypted copies held elsewhere on the computer.

If you choose “Encrypt Copy” then a somewhat different dialog will be shown:

To proceed with encryption you first have to specify a folder and name for the encrypted file. Click “Browse”, choose a file and then click “Encrypt”. In this case the original file remains unchanged.