Netsso User Manual

Encrypting a File in your Online Storage

You can encrypt a file located in your online store without violating our rule that all en/decryption must be on your local machine, and without the trouble and time involved in downloading the full file first. This is possible using Secure Online File Manager (SOFM). Encryption takes place in the browser on your computer. Your storage must be connected to Netsso in the usual way.

NOTE The option “Encrypt” is not available for Google DOCS files.

How it works

The source file will be downloaded in a series of sections. Each section will be encrypted in the browser and then returned to the store. The source file must initially be non-encrypted. Go to your online store via Netsso’s SOFM page, or via a Netsso link to the folder. Click “Encrypt” in the (right-click or Tap) context menu of the non-encrypted file and a new window will be opened:

Select some options on the form, as appropriate, and then  click “Encrypt”. When encryption is finished successfully then the folder in the store will be automatically updated.

NOTE "Update if encrypted file already exists” means also that when encrypting the source file the key from the existing encrypted file will still be used.