Netsso User Manual

File Preview

You can preview some types of files without leaving SOFM. Right-click on a file to see the option “Preview”, which is available for images(.png, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif), text files(.txt), pdf files(.pdf), html files(.htm, .html), audio(.mp3, .ogg, .wav) and video (.mp4, .webm), both encrypted and non-encrypted.

NOTE Some browsers may not support the playing of some types of audio and video files specified above. In this case the option “Preview” will be absent in context menu of the file.
NOTE For correct displaying of a html file the html file must contain either resources (for example, images) inside itself or only links to public resources. Although option “Preview” is available for any html file, in general, it is intended for files created in SOFM (options “Create Html File” and “Save Link Content”).

To preview a file click the option “Preview” in the context menu of the file: 

Viewers for every type of file are different. For example, the image viewer looks like this:

Nevertheless all viewers have common features. At the top left is shown the name of file opened in the viewer. Arrows to left and right enable navigation through files without leaving the viewer.  The icon with the “x” at the top right is used for closing the viewer. The one beside it enables downloading or opening the file in a separate window (depending on the browser, storage and type of file).

The first file which you open in the viewer defines the type of files for sequential previewing. For example, if the first file is an image then you will be able to navigate only among other images: if the first file is a pdf then you can navigate only through pdfs , etc.

In “Preview” mode, all files, except non encrypted audio and video files, are downloaded first, then decrypted if necessary and only then shown in the viewer. In some cases it will require time. Nevertheless you can always interrupt this by closing the viewer.

NOTE Video and audio files can be quite large and therefore the need to download a whole encrypted audio/video file and then decrypt it before showing it in the viewer may take a long time.