Netsso User Manual

Using images (- from your online stores -) in your Netsso Group blog or in "Send Message to Netsso User"

You can insert images from your online store into your  blog post in a Netsso Group,  and also when sending a message to a user from Netsso (Admin/Send Message).

NOTE: When you insert an image from your store into a blog post or  a message then it becomes public. Anybody who has the url to the image can view it.

To do this, click the icon  in the editor toolbar (you will find the editing toolbar via a small drop down arrow) and then the button “Browse&Upload” in the dialog for inserting of image:

Storage Explorer will be opened, in which you can select the source of your image:

To find the image choose your storage, browse it and click the required image. Otherwise you can upload a new image to your store, and when it is uploaded the  image will be chosen automatically. The icon at the top right of the image cell allows you to increase the image size for previewing.