Netsso User Manual

Netsso on Android

Netsso comes in two versions:, for desktops and larger tablets, and for small tablets and mobile phones.

The full functionality of Netsso is provided on desktops/larger tablets in Android, but some functionality is not available in the mobile version, on smaller screens and phones, notably the sharing of links and the use of Netsso Groups. However, bookmarking, password management and online document management and encryption (SOFM) is available on the smaller devices. For details please refer to one or both of two files Supported browsers, platforms for SOFM and Operating systems, browsers supported in Netsso.

To use Netsso on your Android device, we recommend that you install the Netsso App from Google Play. (Go to Google Play, search "Netsso" and follow instructions there.)

Google PlayAfter installation the Netsso icon will appear on your Android screen. Please use this icon to access the Netsso service. The Netsso App will then select the correct Netsso version for your device (desktop or mobile version).

The App will also advise you to install the FireFox browser on Android. This will provide you Netsso’s Login Pilot functionality. You need do it one time only.

With FireFox we offer full functionality, including encryption, including SOFM encryption but not encryption in synch folders by Telecryptor.

Please see Telecryptor for Android, later in this Manual, about decrypting files in your synch folders of Dropbox, OneDrive, or GoogleDrive on your device.