Netsso User Manual

Rights inside Albums

Members’ rights can also be managed at the level of the Album in the Netsso Group. The default position is that all members have access to all Albums, but the Manager can modify this by restricting an Album to selected members only, effected through a link from the Manage your Netsso Group form to the forms below:

The Manager first chooses the special Album he wishes to restrict and then the members who should have access to it. Then, for a chosen Album / chosen member, he awards some rights, below:

Album Permissions

At any time, the Manager can click on an Album tab and right-click to see the Member List for that Album.

NOTE: This system of rights management for both the Netsso Group itself and each Album separately allows great flexibility in access control in the Netsso Group and flexibility in controlling different types of information among Netsso Group members. For example, a member may have "Read Only" rights generally in the Netsso Group, but extended rights in one or two Albums within the Netsso Group. These extended rights to modify data within an album are superior to / take priority over any general restrictions.