Netsso User Manual

Encryption of Files in a Netsso Group

In a single person, private Netsso, the user uploads a file to his online storage service- Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive- via Netsso/Online Files menu, and while doing so he chooses to have that individual file strongly, randomly encrypted or not. Later, when he logs in to Netsso on any other computer / most devices, he can access that encrypted file from his storage service and it arrives at his local machine fully decrypted (if he wishes). In fact, the storage service delivers the file and Netsso delivers the decryption key, but all done locally on the user’s computers, and synchronised by Netsso on the receiving machine.

In a Netsso Group, the system is the same. Any member of a Netsso Group who has been given, by the Manager, the right to use the Online Files attachment service has full access to the files, both uploading and downloading, encrypting and decrypting. Netsso Group member A can upload an encrypted file and member B can download and read it. In effect, a Netsso Group is like an encrypted “closed” community based in cyberspace, exchanging files and other communication (=encrypted chat) It may b e unique in that regard.